The two cardinal sins of offline marketing

I still love offline marketing. It's hard not to. The humble business card has been the most powerful tool I've used to help turn a 'real world' connection into a business opportunity sometimes weeks or months down the track. So it pains me to see when people commit the two 'cardinal sins' of business card....hope you picked up the dad joke there :

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Here are the two cardinal sins:

Sin #1. don't have a business card
Sin #2. have a really poor quality business card

​In regards to sin #1- I 've met plenty of people who work in the online world who don't have a card because for some reason it's just not  'cool' to have one in this industry - but here is the rub - people forget names, numbers and website addresses.  They will meet you, like you, and then forget you. That little card you hand them is an anchor to you.  Do you want to leave an impression? Trust me it wont hurt to leave a card with your basics on it.

There are other people who don't have a business card for other reasons. OK, no problem, don't have one, don't make more money.

Then there is sin #2. Really, this is far worse than the first one. See, you know you need a card, you even have one in your pocket, you hand it over and... its so cheap and nasty that it wilts like a piece of old lettuce in your prospects hands. Come on man !! Get it together !! Don't hand me a 2 cent business card if you want me to think you deliver a high quality service or product. This is not ok. The quality of that little card you hand over tells people what you think about the little things, about your attention to detail. 

OK, card rant over.

Now, people ask me where I get my business cards from. The fact is, I order them from the United Kingdom, they get put on a plane and arrive in my PO box about 2 weeks after I order them. They cost me about one dollar a card, shipping and handling included. Trust me, thats CHEAP in terms of the value  they return.

If you want to know who I use, send me a comment or drop me a contact, or call me, and I'll let you know πŸ™‚  


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