We Increase Your Profit By Managing Your Lead Acquisition And Conversion Strategies

We Combine Dedicated Landing Pages For Your Advertising With Split Tested Ads And Site-Wide 

Analytics For Optimal Traffic Conversion.

Increasing Your Profit Is Achieved By Combining Analytics And Advertising

Advertising is essential for your business, however it must convert into sales and profit. This is why conversion optimisation is essential for the success of your advertising campaigns.

We use leading internet marketing strategies to ensure you’re offline and online advertising campaigns deliver profitable returns.

With our optimisation strategies we can cost effectively test your headlines, copy and offers online, prior to engaging an offline marketing strategy.

By regularly monitoring both the off page traffic and on page behaviour, we can test different offers, different copy and different audiences to find the most profitable returns for your advertising budget.

Success Is Achieved By Implementing the Correct Strategy

What are you control ads? What are you benchmarking against to measure performance? What was the best advertising campaign you ever ran? Why was it so successful?

You must know the answers to the above questions, and more, in order to move your business towards greater profit. When you work with Web Mogul, we will ask you these type of questions, we will report on advertising profit, advertising revenue, traffic, conversion, cart abandonment and more.

Optimisation Starts With Tracking Website Data

When you hire Web Mogul to optimise your website, we will pair your site with your own Google data tracking and analytics account. If you don’t have these accounts already set up, we will set them up for you.

We know from experience that setting tracking data up correct from the start is the foundation to optimising your website.

Apply The Right Foundation Of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a strategy to increase organic search traffic to your website for relevant search terms. We don’t advocate expensive and often overblown SEO strategies, but there are important elements you must get right to increase organic search traffic to your website.

Are You Driving Traffic To Dedicated Landing Pages?

There is no point running an AdWords campaign to a terrible website. Assuming your website is ideal, then to optimise your conversion, you need to drive ads to dedicated landing pages. To take that a step further, you should split test landing pages.

When you hire Web Mogul to optimise your website, we will work on these elements and more.

Create, Measure, Split Test And Know Your Controls

Control Ads are your best performing ads. These are ads which have been tested against other ads and come out the winner in terms of conversion or profit.Clicks, or traffic alone is no way to establish a control ad.

While it can take months of testing to identify your controls, this is a practice that the Web Mogul team has refined over many years.

Remember, if you don’t know your controls, you will be beaten by your competitors who know theirs.