HTTPS Encryption bar has been raised in Chrome – is your site affected? - Back in March 2017 I started talking about the need for business websites to install an SSL certificate to gain the “https:// site secure” accreditation. A surprisingly large number of website owners have not adopted the protocol – and this is about to have serious ramifications on how consumers interact with their website. Google Chrome […]
The IoT is transforming our society, and most people are not even thinking about it. - Chances are, if you are not thinking about the IoT, its because you hadn’t yet heard the term. However I can tell you the IoT has already entered your life. In-fact, over the next few years, its integration with your daily life will continue until your life is completely immersed, or is that enmeshed with […]
How to kill innovation - Working at the entrepreneurial fringe, means I learn about a lot of awesome stuff, and then, in a business like mine, I have to  find other businesses who are willing to adopt this stuff in their own business. I have to do this in order to get paid for the knowledge I've acquired and the time […]
Are your decisions aligned with your strategic objectives? - If I could offer one piece of advice… never buy a digital service unless you can see how it fits into your strategic objective and you can understand at the very least, the explanation of how it solves an existing problem. I see so many people paying for SEO or PPC who don’t understand analytics, […]
Andrew maughan web mogul The two cardinal sins of offline marketing - I still love offline marketing. It's hard not to. The humble business card has been the most powerful tool I've used to help turn a 'real world' connection into a business opportunity sometimes weeks or months down the track. So it pains me to see when people commit the two 'cardinal sins' of business card....hope you […]
The Digital Garage – Googles training for small business owners – should you do it? - So last week I put myself through 'The Digital Garage' - Googles free online training for anyone who wants to learn  more about the basics behind internet marketing strategy. This is a well structured course of 89 lessons spread over 23 topics. Each topic is relatively easy to digest, with a short video, followed by […]
Tamworth ‘The Digital Garage’ event with Google - I went to the Google hosted event ' The Digital Garage' in Tamworth yesterday and I was very impressed with both the quality of the presentation and the quality of the audience that turned up for the event.As a relatively new resident of Tamworth, having moved myself, my family and my internet marketing business from […]
Is your brand aligned ? - Brand alignment is important -and its often neglected by many small businesses online (which is where your future clients are). Take the brands Tesla and Apple for example. They both sell physical products and they are, in a word, beautiful. Now look at their websites. Beautiful also. If you manufacture, design or sell a product […]
The importance of encryption – using https:// on your website - You may have noticed a change in the left hand corner of the URL address bar recently. A little grey  ‘i’ in a circle has appeared in the URL of many websites. It looks like this:     So what is this symbol and why is it important? Whenever information is sent over the web, […]
Mobile Engagement Is More ( And Less) Than You Realise - So, ok, most websites do actually suck. I’ve seen cheap old websites that suck and I’ve seen expensive new websites that suck. The amazing revelation for me, was finding that a lot of new, very expensive sites, suck the most. This is not simply about having a mobile responsive website. This is about crafting your […]