Mobile Engagement Is More ( And Less) Than You Realise

So, ok, most websites do actually suck.

I’ve seen cheap old websites that suck and I’ve seen expensive new websites that suck.

The amazing revelation for me, was finding that a lot of new, very expensive sites, suck the most.

This is not simply about having a mobile responsive website. This is about crafting your on-page content to match the new environment you’re putting it into.

Your audience has changed

This is not just about doing more with technology, its about getting your on-page content to hit the right notes with your audience.

You need to do more, with less

You need less words, better words, accurate words.

You need better fonts, more white space.

Your headlines and sub headlines need to present crisp, well thought out ideas that transition from one concise  idea to the next.

You need to present takeaway content that is easily digestible and high quality. But by takeaway, I don’t mean “McDonalds”- this is not about fast and cheap, this is about delivering bespoke, lasting impressions.

Lasting impressions don’t need to last a lifetime 

Lasting impressions only need to last as long as it takes to get your reader to engage and move in the direction you want them to go. But they will only go there if they want to – so you better not put any roadblocks in their way that will send them off on a tangent.

Lasting Impressions need to happen  on a mobile screen

And this is why your copy needs to be sharpened. This is why your call to action needs to be couched within a page of well organised and relevant content. This is why your website needs more whitespace and better images.This is why you REALLY need to think about engagement. This is why most websites suck.

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