Is your brand aligned ?

Brand alignment is important -and its often neglected by many small businesses online (which is where your future clients are).

Take the brands Tesla and Apple for example.

They both sell physical products and they are, in a word, beautiful. Now look at their websites. Beautiful also.

If you manufacture, design or sell a product or service that you are proud to stand behind and to represent, then to put it simply, your website needs to be the absolute best reflection of that fact.

Your website needs to represent you and your business on its best day- every day, 24/7.

If you don’t believe in your product or service, if you hate your job and resent your clients, then by all means, keep your piece of rubbish website. But if you are passionate or proud about what you do to earn a living, if you’ve spent years perfecting your craft, profession or trade, then please, get a website that represents you on your best day. Get a website that attracts your future clients.

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