HTTPS Encryption bar has been raised in Chrome – is your site affected?

Back in March 2017 I started talking about the need for business websites to install an SSL certificate to gain the “https:// site secure” accreditation. A surprisingly large number of website owners have not adopted the protocol – and this is about to have serious ramifications on how consumers interact with their website.

Google Chrome started flagging insecure site pages back in April. On all pages that required a credit card or a password. This 'insecure' status bar has continued to be raised to affect all pages where a contact form or contact field can be filled out. As of today, Chrome 62 is being rolled out, and the warning alert will also be raised from a simple flag in the top left of the nav bar, to a full page warning. 

Fancy That Costumes is one of our clients who have deployed a sitewide SSL certificate
This is not just affecting Chrome – these changes are also being applied to other browsers in a combined effort to make the web safer. So what does the SSL certificate do? Effectively, the SSL certificate is a signal to you that when you, the consumer, fills out content on the page, it will be encrypted before being sent over the web. This is important, particularly if you are sending personally identifiable information, from a name, number or an email address, to more sensitive data, like an address, date of birth, or credit card number. If you have a site that has contact forms, or asks customers for data, you really need an SSL. If you don’t have one, you will see site engagement drop and you may also be penalised in regards to page rank/ SEO ranking. Drop me a line if you have any questions. We can install SSL certificates for your site for under $100 and ensure you site is maintaining best practice standards online

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