Detalia Design

Project Overview - Detalia Design

The Detalia Design website was previously built in 2014 on a very basic and poor quality theme. Content was poor quality, there was default placeholder copy and copyright infringement notices had been sent for the use of copyright images. Additionally the site had not been optimised for page load speed or user engagement. Essentially the site needed a total rebuild to bring it up to best practice standards for 2015.

The websites hosting was rated average to poor and we also identified many security risks – there were no regular backups, many outdated plugins and the WordPress version was also outdated.

Scope Of Work
  • Site Graphic Design
  • User Optimisation
  • Page Speed Optimisation
  • Mobile Site Optimisation
  • WordPress Custom Design
  • Extensive Custom Coding
  • Images re-shoot and photoshop
  • Analytics Tracking Codes
  • AdWords/ Remarketing Codes
  • SEO Set Up + Management
  • Premium Website Hosting
  • Security Upgrade
  • Ongoing Tech Suport
  • Ongoing AdWords Management
Fixing The High Cost Of A Cheap Website

Detalia Design initially made the mistake in thinking that a cheap website was better than no website at all.

This misconception is common in small business, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is that consumer engagement online has evolving rapidly in the past 3 years. Changes in technology have changed the way we interact and engage both online and offline. The huge increase in websites generally also means that to cut through the clutter and get to your audience, your website needs to be fast, relevant and unique.

A website that is out of date, or has largely irrelevant content can pose both a brand and security risk to your business.

Images must be high quality, the written word must be relevant. The platform must be mobile optimised and the site optimised for page load speed.

Old Site
  • Not Mobile Optimised
  • Outdated Design
  • Used Flash Animation
  • Outdated Site Nav
  • Outdated Plugins
  • Outdated WordPress Theme
  • Poor Quality Hosting
New Site
  • Mobile Optimised/ Fully Responsive Design
  • Latest WordPress Version
  • Updated Plugins
  • Security Hardened
  • Premium Website Hosting
  • Page Speed Optimised
  • UX Optimised

Major Platform Components

Rated User Experience And Page Speed Optimisation Tests
Google Mobile User Rating 99/100

Detalia Design website scores 99/100 for mobile user experience ( UX). With over 50 % of traffic to the website coming via mobile devices, it was paramount to ensure a high UX score. We were really pleased with this score, and we will revisit this soon to try and achieve the extra point.

Page Speed Optimisation - 87%

Detalia Design website scored an initial 68% ranking for page speed and this is not an acceptable score in our opinion. We have been able to improve this score to 87% and there is further work scheduled to drive this ranking into the 90%+ range in coming weeks.

Page speed optimisation is a critical component of what we do at Web Mogul. Optimisation is an ongoing process and it can take a few weeks to a month to fully optimise a custom built site.