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Is your brand aligned ?

Brand alignment is important -and its often neglected by many small businesses online (which is where your future clients are). Take the brands Tesla and Apple for example. They both sell physical products and they are, in a word, beautiful. Now look at their websites. Beautiful also. If you manufacture, design or sell a product […]

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Stop using Adobe Flash on your website

Consumers have moved to mobile devices – overwhelmingly to Apples products . Smart phone penetration in Australia is amongst the highest per capita of any country in the world. The flash animation graphics on your website will not play on your consumers mobile device – iOS does not even support Adobe. The emerging trend for optimal consumption […]

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How Secure Is Your WordPress Website?

It has been reported that every day over 30,000 websites are hacked. That’s over 10,000,000 hacked sites every year. With those statistics, it’s simple to see that if your website security profile is not managed and updated regularly, your site will be hacked sooner rather than later. The disturbing fact is that no site is […]

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